Heather Armstrong is an award-winning musician inspired by her family traditions and her deep love of the power of music. 

Armstrong's lessons encourage the art of play, and her methods are based on Kodaly and Solfege. It is also common to be expected to find a musical instrument out of household items should the moment require, so do not be surprised if one day you're holding a set of pots and pans to learn about compound timing.

Heather's background in music theory was brought to life by her Elementary School Choir teacher, Mrs. Parsons, of Monarch Drive Elementary. It had continued through countless dedicated instructors of Dartmouth and District Pipe and Drum Association, and it continues today through receiving instruction from Captain Knox, where she is learning piobaireachd. 


Studying has landed Heather plenty of Awards, and trips once or twice across the ocean to the United Kingdom in competition, but her most memorable education to date is the year and a half spent in the music scene of St. John's, NL. "There really is nothing like Newfoundland. I learned so much from them."

Armstrong's Scotia Music team is delicately picked. It is one that thrives on music excellence but also ensures lessons are fun for budding musicians.

Those instructed will feel the passion and understand the true meaning of "panache".

Don't waste another minute and contact the team today for your first lesson.