Music has the ability to change lives:

· Music can help grow connectors in the brains of toddlers

· Give a troubled youth self-confidence

· Reawaken the ability to speak in someone with dementia.

Musical Friends is a FREE music program for students from elementary and middle school in Chester and Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. It is supported by other charities such as the Chester Municipal Heritage Society, Shoreham Village, United Way, the federal New Horizons for Seniors program, and the town of Bridgewater

Careful COVID protocols are followed.

Musical Friends operates on grants. It aims to remove all barriers to participation. It is free, the kids are fed, and all ages simply “follow the bouncing ball” onscreen to let the music pour out.

Transportation is available to get all the participants home if needed.

This is an outstanding program, inclusive, joyful, and an incredible benefit to the community.

There is absolutely ZERO cost and everybody can attend.

Come feel the joy. Contact today

Heather Armstrong

Owner | Director


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So, this past weekend I played in a mini band for a wedding. Without going into all the nitty-gritty details my pipes had a complete multi system failure.

I was bummed, and sad. I had really looked forward to playing again with friends at such a beautiful venue.

Alas, it was not to be.

Which leads me to Billy.

My son Billy plays U18 hockey as a goaltender and he had a crappy time at his game the next evening. The game didn’t go so well, pretty big loss.

Billy is like me in a lot of ways, we both put everything into what we do. If it’s something we decide to accomplish we stop at nothing to get it done. However, with passion sometimes comes deep feelings of frustration when things don’t go well.

So, here we are at 8pm on Halloween night. I am still quiet and Billy is still upset. As we drive down our county road going home we see a few houses with Jack-o-lanterns still lit.

Billy who is almost 17 says "I wanna go Trick or Treating".

A short pause, and I say "Alright, let’s go"! We pull over the truck and open up the hockey bag. He grabs his mask, glove and blocker and tosses me his stinky, wet jersey and a ball cap.

It was a solid 20 minute sprint to every house still illuminated. We filled a goalie glove and half a bag with loot. Presto, the curse was broken! My boy did that. Goes to show that whether it’s sports or music, it’s all about the way you look at it.

You choose how to process those good, and not so good moments in your life. Take a deep breath, move forward and keep your stick on the ice.



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…an inspiration to us all.

That inspiration is doubled for me when it is done by one of my wonderful bagpiping students.

The challenge thrown down was daunting.

Play every single day for an entire year. That’s right. A difficult task indeed.

10 minutes a day, every day. If you miss, we add a day.

Would anyone take on the challenge?

Catherine Stark took it on, and incredibly, has played every day but one.

Catherine has been sending videos and photos of her journey, recording her life as she practices from her home in Princeton, Ontario. She still continued to play on her trips to Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick. Quebec, and Nova Scotia.

The travelling piper is committed.

“Looking back at the year, I believe you have seen me in every state. There have been videos I’ve cried in, celebrated in, and said really bad words in,” Catherine told me.

The challenge started with the idea that we all needed hope and role models to look up to during some difficult time for musicians.