A single trembling, haunting note pierces the silence.

The sound emanating from a lone player, dressed in traditional garb continues longer than we thought possible.

Windows open, cars slow down, and people stop dead in their tracks.

Mission accomplished, you have their attention.

That is the long and the short of it as your business goal for an opening, grand re-opening, or special event focused on increasing business.

We have previously discussed the power of the bagpipe to reach into a person and grab their soul. It stirs emotion. It stirs their soul. It stirs their blood.

The power of the pipe combined with the power of music to unite a physical group of people into a single entity is mind-blowing.

Many people become as one. Heads begin to bob in unison. People clap or snap their fingers together. They nod and agree how cool this moment is together.

The crowd begins to form group memories of what is happening and they become inextricably mixed with your business as the provider of this cool experience.

The found connection is magical. So many attendees met through the years have history of bagpipe music in their blood. Whether it be they used to play, or their great grandfather was known to pipe Amazing Grace while flowers grew in the back yard. Whatever it may be, it is a connection found through a powerful instrument. Memories are born.

The return on investment cannot be disputed. Live music at an event increases:



Brand Awareness

Brand Recall

Warm emotions


Want to increase your revenue this summer? Let’s plan an event.

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Bagpipes touch the souls of everyone that hears them. They are irresistible. They make the blood boil. They sooth us when a loved one passes. We cannot escape a visceral reaction.


The combination of primal sounds, evocative rituals, and an uncanny ability to connect with humans has made the bagpipe unique. It was used to drive men to battle, funerals, weddings and other events steeped in gravitas.

Here is an example from the and David E Olsen:

But the most emotional response Olson has ever witnessed during the four decades he played the instrument occurred on Nov. 11, 2001 - two months after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

During a recent telephone interview from his Rostraver Township home, Olson vividly described the intense emotion that overwhelmed him and those gathered at Ground Zero as he played his bagpipes.

When Olson arrived at Ground Zero at about 8 a.m. on a Sunday, he had visions of playing a solo performance with no one around to watch or hear him play his music. He simply wanted to play "Amazing Grace" as a tribute to the thousands of people who lost their lives on that tragic day.

But Olson soon realized that it would not be a solo performance because "New York City never sleeps."

As he began to play his bagpipes, Olson said he was touched as he saw tears pouring down the face of a burly New York City cop.

I can relate with David.

There are times when I feel my entire emotional universe come flooding out as soon as the first note begins.

It is like a hug from Mom for me.

Having a sad day, pipe.

Want to fight the world, pipe.

Want to increase your joy, pipe.

Want to stop people in their tracks, pipe.

Releasing so much energy in the world must be a good thing, don’t you think?

Memorials are a time where I know I’m taking loved ones hurt and helping them embrace their pain as best they can. That feeling they can’t put into words comes pouring out and joins the notes of the pipe.

There is something that needs to be expressed - I know I’m doing it with them. There have been times I play through tears to the point my eyes completely turn off and I can’t see for a good hour.

The bagpipes are a conduit both ways for the management of pain and emotion and the chance to turn that pain into some ease, even if just for one tune.

My bagpipe has become a trusted friend. It’s always attached to my arm and I barely notice it is there because it is a part of me. The pipes are a complex mistress. The joy and release they bring vs the constant need to improve and practice is a dichotomy.

Learning the pipes has been a great part of my life.

Here is a great post on bagpipes at weddings.

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Many of us love music. Many of us feel music is important to our personal development and the development of our children into well-rounded members of society.

The joy of bopping along with our favorite song is a feeling we all share. Gathering as a group of friends and going to a live music event is often a rite of passage as we grow up. Stretching our independent wings and choosing our own genre of music is a foundational moment when growing up.

We loved “our” bands, singers, and musical personalities. We were loyal and fanatic fans, sometimes for 6 weeks and sometimes for 60 years.

So why is it so hard to be a musician these days? Is being a musician a viable career option for anyone long-term? Who can remember the last Voice, AGT, American Idol or BGT winner from last year? How many winners throughout the long run of these programs ever broke through to become a recognizable star?

Like any calling, there are very few spots at the top for aspiring musicians. What about smaller, local success? There are some success stories but the vast majority of musicians today are in the starving artist category. It is a perilous reality.

The brilliance of the Internet to allow incredible access to people creating their own music and gaining access to potential fans is a revolution. Unfortunately, the revolution comes with a saturation of musical choices and little chance for any real revenue.

Free music abounds, competition for entertainment dollars escalates. You can watch TV, Streaming Video, Podcasts, etc. Just listening to music is a dying activity. Our attention spans most times don’t allow for focused listening.

So local musicians struggle to make a living. They have jobs to pay for the cost of producing music but that cuts into the time to make truly remarkable stuff.

We urge you to support local, just like any other business. Below we have put in some links to how you might help a struggling artist you LIKE with a few bucks. We support our local brethren totally and would love to see them live their dream.

  1. Ask to be on their mailing list.

  2. Go to their shows.

  3. Purchase music and merchandise from their official website

  4. Search for them and support on Bandcamp

  5. Search for them and support on Patreon

  6. Follow AND COMMENT on their social media platforms.

  7. While watching live streams, send a tip to their Virtual Tipjar" (PayPal.Me, Cash App, etc.)

  8. If you don't see their tip jar, ask where to send a donation.

  9. Send messages when a song resonates.

  10. Support their crowdfunding campaigns.

  11. Send videos of you singing their songs

  12. Send a piece of art you made for them.

  13. Send a video you made that you would like to be used as video art.

  14. Offer to share their music with your followers.

Small Donations or just a hearty outpouring of your admiration helps isolated musicians more than you will ever realize. Help light a flame and show musicians the path forward.

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