"Pìoban Suas (Pipes Up)!"

Updated: Jul 9

We sat down as a large family quite often and enjoyed music and movies, especially the musical animations for the children.

As we grew so did our taste in music. We outgrew “The Parents” playlist and started listening to music we loved. This resulting in different songs, different genres and different cultures of music all made their way into my kids’ world.

Some children inherit their love of music from their parents. Some discover it on their own. But it is a rite of passage as we watch them grow and spread their wings. Various instruments are tried and discarded until they find the ones that resonate with their souls.

Joy and pain in equal measures is meted out to parents as they watch this journey.

"I like country and my daughter likes heavy metal".

"I like opera and my son is a rapper."

The exquisite pain of listening to someone practice over and over a musical style that I despise is real. But just as real is my joy in watching my children start to carve their own independent path in life.

Music sustains us. Music can soothe us. Music can define us. If all of that is true, then music that touches the core of who you are must be chosen by YOU. Your love of music stems from the very core of you. Your music will choose you, not the other way around.

So as parents we must smooth the journey ever we can. Lessons? Sure. New Instrument? Sure. Songs you hate as my go to? Sure. I will help you whatever way I can to develop your musical muscles and your independence of choice.

I long for you to outdo me in your musical journey. My desire is you love music more, achieve greater musical mastery, and for you to become a beacon to your children as they start their musical education.

Five Potential Steps?

1. Bring home all types of music, what you like and do not like, from all over the world.

2. Test different instruments and see if one melds with them.

3. Get a FREE music lesson (available here) and see if they have any desire or love for music.

4. Support them in all their dreams musical or not.

5. Teach them to spread their wings and fight for their independence.