"Pìoban Suas (Pipes Up)" - The Soul of a Musician

Updated: Jul 9

Many of us love music. Many of us feel music is important to our personal development and the development of our children into well-rounded members of society.

The joy of bopping along with our favorite song is a feeling we all share. Gathering as a group of friends and going to a live music event is often a rite of passage as we grow up. Stretching our independent wings and choosing our own genre of music is a foundational moment when growing up.

We loved “our” bands, singers, and musical personalities. We were loyal and fanatic fans, sometimes for 6 weeks and sometimes for 60 years.

So why is it so hard to be a musician these days? Is being a musician a viable career option for anyone long-term? Who can remember the last Voice, AGT, American Idol or BGT winner from last year? How many winners throughout the long run of these programs ever broke through to become a recognizable star?

Like any calling, there are very few spots at the top for aspiring musicians. What about smaller, local success? There are some success stories but the vast majority of musicians today are in the starving artist category. It is a perilous reality.

The brilliance of the Internet to allow incredible access to people creating their own music and gaining access to potential fans is a revolution. Unfortunately, the revolution comes with a saturation of musical choices and little chance for any real revenue.

Free music abounds, competition for entertainment dollars escalates. You can watch TV, Streaming Video, Podcasts, etc. Just listening to music is a dying activity. Our attention spans most times don’t allow for focused listening.

So local musicians struggle to make a living. They have jobs to pay for the cost of producing music but that cuts into the time to make truly remarkable stuff.

We urge you to support local, just like any other business. Below we have put in some links to how you might help a struggling artist you LIKE with a few bucks. We support our local brethren totally and would love to see them live their dream.

  1. Ask to be on their mailing list.

  2. Go to their shows.

  3. Purchase music and merchandise from their official website

  4. Search for them and support on Bandcamp

  5. Search for them and support on Patreon

  6. Follow AND COMMENT on their social media platforms.

  7. While watching live streams, send a tip to their Virtual Tipjar" (PayPal.Me, Cash App, etc.)

  8. If you don't see their tip jar, ask where to send a donation.

  9. Send messages when a song resonates.

  10. Support their crowdfunding campaigns.