"Pìoban Suas" (Pipes Up)! - Enhancing Your Event With Live Music

A single trembling, haunting note pierces the silence.

The sound emanating from a lone player, dressed in traditional garb continues longer than we thought possible.

Windows open, cars slow down, and people stop dead in their tracks.

Mission accomplished, you have their attention.

That is the long and the short of it as your business goal for an opening, grand re-opening, or special event focused on increasing business.

We have previously discussed the power of the bagpipe to reach into a person and grab their soul. It stirs emotion. It stirs their soul. It stirs their blood.

The power of the pipe combined with the power of music to unite a physical group of people into a single entity is mind-blowing.

Many people become as one. Heads begin to bob in unison. People clap or snap their fingers together. They nod and agree how cool this moment is together.

The crowd begins to form group memories of what is happening and they become inextricably mixed with your business as the provider of this cool experience.

The found connection is magical. So many attendees met through the years have history of bagpipe music in their blood. Whether it be they used to play, or their great grandfather was known to pipe Amazing Grace while flowers grew in the back yard. Whatever it may be, it is a connection found through a powerful instrument. Memories are born.

The return on investment cannot be disputed. Live music at an event increases:



Brand Awareness

Brand Recall

Warm emotions


Want to increase your revenue this summer? Let’s plan an event.