"Pìoban Suas" (Pipes Up)! - Why do we Love Music?

Updated: Jul 9

It is a perplexing problem to be sure. Science has studied the question for years and still have no definitive answer.

Some thoughts:

1) Patterns – our brains love patterns. Is that sound dangerous? Did that bump in the night, the one that changed the pattern of our regular sleep, mean danger? Our primitive mind instantly comes alert. Maybe it is the same with music. We become lulled and secure with the pattern of the music we like. Perhaps that is why we become so aggravated when a familiar song is sung in a different way by a new artist. An unexpected pattern change is unwelcome to our primitive limbic system.

2) There is no evolutionary reason for us to have such a love of music. It did not help us survive or prosper as a species so the emotional impact it has on us cannot really be explained. But we all feel the emotion, the goosebumps, from a beloved piece of music.

Why do we Love the Particular Music we Personally Like?

When we hear a piece of music, its rhythm latches onto us in a process called entrainment. If the music is fast-paced, our heartbeats and breathing patterns will accelerate to match the beat.

Our choice of music, the music we like is based on multiple factors. Your personality choice can predict the type of music that you like. Gender plays a role in the music that moves us. Boys are more likely to embraced exaggerated bass rhythms for example.

Finally, we do not exist in a vacuum. Our culture and life experiences within that culture help shape our acceptance and embrace of certain musical genres.

The Point is….

Music is all around us. Music moves us. It can soothe us or agitate us or be a faithful companion to our moods. Exploring music, beyond the obvious, diving into its depths is a most worthwhile endeavor. Inserting an appreciation of music is a wonderful thing to do for our children and ourselves.

Perhaps a FREE music lesson for the whole family is a great way to start your musical journey.