"Pìoban Suas" (Pipes Up)! - Why is Music So Magical?

Updated: Jul 9

I often wander off and sit alone to center myself and try to commune with that quiet, still, voice that lives deep inside of me. Often, when I sojourn with myself I think back and try to remember the first song I ever heard.

I find the task impossible. I cannot remember. I cannot remember a time without music. It is part of me. It is a pathway to my soul. It is the very essence of who I am as a person, mother, and partner.

There are songs that touch a deep part of me and take me over. Some are fast, some are slow and some are so obscure I may be the only one to love them. Music transports me back in time, not my life-span alone, but to primitive times. I feel I share memories of days of yore with millions of others, equally as moved by the rhythms that touch my core.

This joy, this passion, this love I try to nurture in my students. I cannot instill it, human nature has already done that. I may be able to nourish it, like the first drops of water after the drought finally ends.

If I strike just the right chord, it will vibrate inside my pupils until it becomes a wave of pleasure that can sustain them throughout their lives.

Music is universal and touches everyone in our community. The bonds developed over socializing and music are incredibly powerful in the Maritimes. Kitchen parties would be so less rich without our shared love of music.

Along with music lessons as developing a skill we are developing that sense of community with our students and their families. Life-long friendships begin with the introduction music into someone’s life. The joy of music is joined with the joy of community. The joy of music is joined with the joy of friends. The joy of music joins with the joy of life, a reminder that everything is going to be ok. It is magical.

I love music.

I love teaching music.

It is my life.